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Knihy  GhostTrains&Ghosts on Trains

GhostTrains&Ghosts on Trains

GhostTrains&Ghosts on Trains

Autori: Miloš Jesenský, Robert K. Lešniakiewicz, StanislawBednarz
Vydal: RoyalHawaiian Press, USA, 2023, 313 s.


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Anotácia knihy

The railway network covers all continents of our world – except Antarctica – and passenger and freight trains run on it. And everything would be fine, if not for the fact that all these railway lines have become a kind of folklore, an integral part of which are ghosts and specters – of people and trains. And this book is about them.

But not only ghosts of people and trains pass along the railway tracks, there are ghostly railway routes, stations and all other elements of railway infrastructure haunting them. We also write about them.

We live in the 21st century and the latest generation of satellites and planes fly over our heads, huge container ships and cruise ships cross the oceans, and the railway still runs on rails – only it is more and more modern and faster, it is starting to catch up with planes! And yet, despite this, we encounter there this unknown something that (for now) escapes reason and science. The trains are tracked by UFOs/UAPs piloted by Visitors from Space or Out of Time.

And finally, we also describe real nightmares on the tracks – nuclear trains that could turn the world into ruin in a few minutes. And these are the worst contraptions that scare calm, peaceful people who are targeted by real ghosts in human bodies..



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